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This demographic profile was developed as part of the Connect SI Initiative, a collaborative, regional economic strategy for connecting the southernmost 20 counties in Illinois. The Connect SI region is composed of Alexander, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Saline, Union, Wabash, Wayne, White, and Williamson counties. These counties encompass Local Workforce Investment Areas (LWIA) 25, 26 and a portion of 24.This PDF demographic profile is reprinted here with the permission of Connect SI.

This profile provides current information that reflects the characteristics of population, labor force, taxes, income, housing, utilities, education, quality of life, and transportation in Pulaski County, Illinois. Our intent is to provide investors, entrepreneurs, and government or business administrators with information useful for making decisions or policies on business attraction, retention and expansion.The information provided is also helpful to the individuals who currently live and work (or plan to live and work) in the local areas to learn more about the county.

Pulaski County, Illinois

Pulaski County is one of 102 counties in the State of Illinois. This county is seated in Mound City. In 2000, the total population of Pulaski County was 7,348, with a median age of 37.7. According to U.S Census 2000, 98.9% of its population was reported as only one race, including 66.5% of these self-reported as White and 31.0% self-reported as African Americans. In 2007, the Per Capita Personal Income (PCPI) of Pulaski County was $23,718, ranked 97th in the state. This PCPI was 58% of the state average, $41,042, and 62% of the national average, $38,165. Average household size and average family size were 2.44 persons and 3.03 persons respectively in 2000.

Pulaski County is located in southernmost Illinois, approximately 147 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri and 369 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois. The county has a total area of 203.33 square miles, of which 200.79 square miles are land and 2.55 square miles are water.

The major cities and villages in Pulaski County include Karnak, Mound City, Mounds, New Grand Chain, Olmsted, Pulaski and Ullin.