Strategic Plan

INFRASTRUCTURE — Increased numbers of residents and businesses in the zone will have clean drinking water, safe sewage disposal systems, adequate electrical and gas service, improved solid waste management systems, 24-hour emergency service, access to basic and advanced telecommunications and well-maintained roads that are adequate to support their intended use. 

GOAL # 2
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — Through a comprehensive program of economic development that includes business expansion, recruitment and entrepreneurship, plus workforce preparation, the area's high unemployment rate will be reduced to that of the state average.

GOAL # 3
TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: Recognizing that the historical and scenic assets of the area represent strengths that have not been fully developed, three hundred tourism-related jobs will exist as the result of an aggressive program of conservation, development and marketing of existing and new tourist sites and services.

GOAL # 4
STRONGER UNITY/SENSE OF COMMUNITY - Believing that a strong sense of unity, community pride and optimism for the future result from people working and playing together in a positive manner, each year of zone designation, at least 300 people, reflecting the diversity of the community, will plan or participate in new volunteer community building activities. 

GOAL # 5
LIFE-LONG LEARNING AND EDUCATION — Each year high school graduation rates and standardized test scores at each of the area's secondary schools will increase, as will the number of adults participating in GED, general interest, vocational and degree programs offered by regional educational institutions.

GOAL # 6
HOUSING - Increased numbers of residents in the zone will have a decent, affordable place to live. New homes will be built to accommodate residents and existing homes will be improved through housing rehabilitation programs.

GOAL # 7
HEALTH CARE — Increased numbers of residents of the zone will have access to affordable health care and have more preventative health care services and activities available to them.